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Meet Barse Textile

Barse Textile was founded in 2008 as a ready-to-wear producer and exporter in Izmir, Turkey’s precious Aegean city.

By worldwide standards, Barse is a recognized, reliable, and effective company that has succeeded in portraying the Aegean spirit at every step of its service. It has become the manufacturer of many brands in Europe today as a result of its high technology, vision, and work ethic.

Barse’s principles prioritize a sustainable planet with sustainable fashion.

sustainability is in our hands

Production Process



To create and execute original designs, our worldwide design team collaborates closely with our clients. In this manner, at every level of manufacturing, our customers' ideas take the lead.

Pattern Development

Pattern Development

Using the most recent CAD technology, we perform the operations of making and sizing molds. Here, patterns are developed and an example that is appropriate for the final assessment is clarified.



For every order placed by a customer, we develop a prototype and submit it for review. This allows us to test the functionality of our customers' designs. If there are any requests for improvements, we will process them and begin manufacturing.



Orders that have managed to pass production and quality control go through one last pre-delivery check before being prepared for shipment via our reliable global courier network.

Mass Production and <br>Quality Control

Mass Production and
Quality Control

Our production line carries out serial production, and from the start to the end of the line, quality controls are conducted. Before being packaged for delivery, every product produced here is checked.

Fabric, Ornament, and <br>Accessories Supply

Fabric, Ornament, and
Accessories Supply

Our R&D team is both a visionary and a team that follows the world, just like our design team. They produce by keeping up with current trends around the globe, including various fabrics, ornaments, accessories, private tags, and swing tags.

We Design Your Brand

We keep up with new technologies, new fabric techniques, new ideas, and new designs and integrate them with every season in the pursuit of providing high-quality and distinctive products while also taking into account the style and culture of the brands we work with, age groups, and sales policies of the countries in which they operate.

Barse's DNA

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